My name is Michael and I love adventure.

A couple of years ago I found that I would idly make plans to do and see things when I realised that I would never get around to actually doing it. When thinking about doing something, I’d reassure myself that someday it would happen. I would say things like “I’d really love to go dive the Great Barrier Reef someday” or “one day I really want to go skydiving” but it never progressed any further than that. There was always something keeping me busy from the adventure I knew I wanted but seemed so far away. I knew things had to change.

I had a paradigm shift, if you will (which I actually think was an anxiety attack), and suddenly everything seemed much clearer. I dropped out of university, saved up a bit of money and booked my first ever overseas trip – to Fiji.

Since then I have learnt the ways of the vagabond – never in a fixed place for an extended amount of time. I spend as little money as possible but never before has my life been so exciting and fulfilling.

I love doing things differently and finding interesting ways to travel.

This blog is where I write about my adventures and my thoughts and feelings. I hope it inspires and motivates you to look at life a bit differently and find out what’s important.

I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!