My ride up to Cape Tribulation and the Daintree rainforest (3/3)

Waking up, I was surprised at how energetic I felt given how much we had had to drink last night and how few hours of sleep I got. We were all woken up during the early hours of the morning by bats in a nearby tree returning from their night of partying.

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My ride up to Cape Tribulation and the Daintree rainforest (2/3)

I didn’t sleep very well that night and I think the reason was because I wasn’t able to scope out the area properly before I set up camp as I had arrived after dark and I wasn’t sure if there could be anything lurking in the bushes. The thing I was most afraid about was crocodiles, even though seeing a croc was a rare sight. Continue reading “My ride up to Cape Tribulation and the Daintree rainforest (2/3)”

My ride up to Cape Tribulation and the Daintree rainforest (1/3)

The day started as brilliantly as I wish everyday would start. I felt fit, happy, content and grateful for everything that had happened in the past to get me to this exact point in my life. I had just woken up, had breakfast and put my unnecessary items in storage for the next few days. […]

There is definitely something Magnetic about this island!

The only problem with getting a cheap ferry ticket is that you have to be on the first ferry out which leaves at 7:05am. It wasn’t actually a problem because I’ve become used to waking up earlier to begin cycling before it gets too hot. Continue reading “There is definitely something Magnetic about this island!”

All tyred out (pun intended)

Do I feel bad or guilty about catching a train the 100km to Townsville? No, I don’t. I knew that it was much safer if I caught the train instead of cycling because if anything had to happen to the tyre while I was on the road, I would be stuffed unless I could hitchhike to Townsville.

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Sometimes the bad days just find you

You’d think that after a hot and difficult day in the saddle, it would be nice to have some cold water sprayed over you, right?

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Airlie beach – you beauty

My next big stop on the trip was Airlie beach. I knew nothing about the place at all except that Whitehaven beach, which is a beach on an island off the coast of Airlie, was ranked as the best beach in Australia because of it’s impossibly white sand. Continue reading “Airlie beach – you beauty”

Just a man and his bicycle – Agnes Water to Rockhampton

When you think of cycling from the time you wake up until sunset, setting up camp, sleeping and then waking up the next morning to do the same thing, it sounds like the same thing is happening every day and you’re bound to get bored pretty quickly. This is what I initially thought, but after being on the road for about 10 days, I can truthfully say that every day is different. Continue reading “Just a man and his bicycle – Agnes Water to Rockhampton”